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Why you need a procurement automation/ diesel monitoring system

Fuel is one of the most elevated operational costs for companies especially in Nigeria, where electricity supply depends largely on the use of power generators. Asset managers need to be better informed, alert, and equipped with the tools to identify and eliminate common challenges.

The following highlights familiar organizational challenges and how a Procurement Automation and Diesel Management System can help solve them.

Protraka makes it easier to
procure diesel

Procurement Automation

Managing purchase activities for energy resources can easily become protracted tasks and a slip in procedure can cause errors that are costly and capable of hampering your operations.

Our Procurement Automation/ Diesel Monitoring System automates the procurement process for diesel, and delivers a work experience that is organized, seamless, and secure.

Theft Elimination

The inability to track when diesel theft occurs or immediate receipt of notification the moment it is suspected limits asset managers from taking prompt decisions to bring to account those responsible.

Our Procurement Automation/ Diesel Monitoring System alerts you when irregularities takes place in any of your tanks. The awareness of this system compels staffs to be thorough and mindful about diesel removals from the tanks.

Consumption Targeting

Running machines such as generators require fuel. This means that the longer they run, the more money is spent on purchasing diesel. Unauthorized use or misuse affects your company’s bottom line, thus increases expense without immediate commensurate returns to the company.

Our Procurement Automation/ Diesel Monitoring System provides your company with the ability to monitor the consumption of stored diesel and enable control of misuse.

Proper record keeping

Record Keeping allows for proper analysis and auditing of your business operations as shaped by your diesel consumption. A digital record provided by our Procurement Automation/ Diesel Monitoring System enables searchable auditing and in-depth analysis of fuel consumption such as expense prediction, periodic variation, fuel economy and more.

Without the ability to easily analyze data, management will be blind-sided in making timely and effective decisions.

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